Coaching Clients

Diego Euceda

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My experience with Dr. Hyong was the beginning of multiple opportunities  in my life. He helped me plant a seed for success. After my sessions with him, I walked out with a light of hope. At the moment, I didn’t know how all the things we worked on together could help. What I later realized is that he was planting a seed for a greater vision, for the long term. I wanted a solution right away, but I wasn’t ready at that time.

Thanks to Dr. Hyong, I tripled my income and now I have new opportunities to increase my income even more. 

This is just the starting line.

Keep improving every day!

Chris Reyno

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I own a remodeling company called Refreshing Renovations. In the last 6 months, I have expanded my business from one to three 2-member crews, and added 2 members to my office staff. I am even on target to achieve $1 Million Annual Revenue by the end of 2018! 

How did I do it?  With Dr. Hyong I was able to change my mindset and grow my business and my LIFE. 

Tony Severino

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I know what was holding me back, and now I’m on my way to tripling my business. Just seven minutes with Grandmaster Hyong really changed my life. I was already a successful real estate investor in Chicago and working very hard, but I could not get to my next level of success. I didn’t know why until I spent seven minutes with Grandmaster Hyong. Now I know what was holding me back. I’m now able to focus on imagining where I can go next with what I know today.

Dr. Tim Edison, M.D.

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People who know me on a superficial level might think I have it all. I am a successful physician in a busy practice, have a wonderful family, and a lovely suburban home. 

After all that I had accomplished, how did I end up with low self-esteem, insecurities and feelings of self-doubt? 

In 2003, I came to Dr. Hyong for help. He implemented a multi-tiered approach including hypnosis, relaxation tapes and Tae Kwon Do. The sessions had an immediate impact. The hypnosis was not scary or weird. It was a very calm and clear way of looking at your situation and how to resolve issues. I admit at first I was skeptical but the effect was profound. I am stronger in all areas of my life, not just physically. Now, I can’t believe the things I can do. I have had great results here. Because of the confidence that I now have. This is priceless. 

It takes constant work to keep this up and stay focused but it is so rewarding. If I can do this, so can anyone reading this.

Joe Ryan

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In 45 days, I've earned $90,000 in commission. I came to Dr. Hyong’s office to eliminate my fear of cold calling. I work in sales, but somewhere along the line I developed a fear of cold calling. It advanced to the point that I didn’t make too many sales, which can be extremely detrimental when you’re working on a commission basis. I learned about Dr. Hyong’s life coaching approach and came in, and in two sessions, I cured my fear of cold calling. Now I can focus with ease, my self-talk is positive and I'm learning to create a success system that never fails.


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I had prepared financially for my retirement but in reflection, did not contemplate nor prepare for the emotional and lifestyle changes that would come with retirement. 

I found myself growing anxious and depressed. I lost my self-confidence. I became reclusive. I was in a bad way. 

A friend of mine suggested that I reach out to Dr Hyong. Through a very participatory process, he armed me with both knowledge and tools to address my anxiety and depression. I learned that my thoughts control my feelings and that by eliminating my negative thoughts, I could change how I feel. It was hard work and required me to develop new habits. I had homework each week. But it worked. I experienced that power of meditation and self-affirmation. I learned the importance of having goals to aspire to-especially in the area of my personal development and enjoyment. 

Today I am functioning with a renewed sense of purpose. I am enjoying life again. Dr. Hyong’s deliberate and focused plan of action helped me turn my life around. 

P.S. My recovery took only 10 sessions.