Anxiety & Weight Loss


In this 45 minute workshop, Dr. Hyong will instruct you how your anxiety is linked to your weight and how to overcome this powerful bond.

You will learn techniques to take back control over your bodies responses to stress and emotions.

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Your weight issues are NOT your fault.


Millions of people across the country and the globe are battling their own waistlines trying desperately to turn the page and finally lose the weight they deserve and get into the best shape of their lives.

And they’re failing… again and again.

There’s a very good chance you can relate to what I just said, but I need to share something important with you right now.

It’s NOT your fault.

Seriously. I’m about to share with you one of the MAIN reasons so many people fail at lasting weight loss and fitness, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your nutrition, your exercise or any other kind of body-related obstacle.

I’ll tell you more in just a sec – but I want to share a quick story with you first to lay the framework, I bet you can relate.

A small boy sits in a darkened kitchen. Alone.

There’s a half-eaten plate of food in front of him. Cold and getting nastier by the minute.

But he can’t leave.

His parents are living paycheck to paycheck and food is NOT to be wasted.

So there he sits, trying to work up the courage to finish everything on his plate.

Right then and there his subconscious mind was absorbing the situation and forming the basis for his eating habits… for the rest of his life.

The programming his subconscious was getting is this:

Eat everything on your plate and everything presented to you or there will be severe negative consequences.

And for him, It played out that way every single night of his young life… imprinting and reinforcing this subconscious belief over and over again.

The result?

I bet you can guess – he went on to become morbidly obese in adulthood.

Not because he was deliberately over-eating, eating junk or any other conscious decision… it was ALL because at a very young age he had been unwittingly programmed to make decisions based on that negative experience with food.

The reality is… your subconscious plays a HUGE part in how you make decisions.

It’s also to blame for obstacles that get in your way when you make the “conscious” decision to change your habits – your subconscious doesn’t like change (at all)

That’s what I meant when I said “it’s not your fault”

But I have an incredibly powerful solution I want to share with you right now…

Join me for this FREE Workshop on January 19 to learn techniques to take back your response to stress, anxiety and food. Register today, space is limited!

Anxiety & Weight Loss

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