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Modern Warrior Boot Camp Video

Personal Coach video of Grand Master Hyong for boot camp

Modern Warrior Boot Camp

Face Fear and Build Confidence

Most people live with a feeling of "I’m not good enough." Unless you can eliminate this, it doesn’t matter how much discipline or confidence you have you can not get to the next level in life. You can knock this out in 2-day boot camp training so you leave with courage, purpose and joy in your life. This boot camp is designed to make you into a stronger person. Not necessarily someone with giant muscles, but someone with more self respect and less fear. Climb, jump, and swing your way past your phobias.

You don't want to be someone who is thought of as weak in mind and character or someone with a lack of direction. Your lack of confidence or timid ways are probably holding you back from accomplishing your highest goals. Fear finds a way to sabotage our life. Low self-esteem effects every relationship we have whether it is through work, social activities or home.

Everyone has self-doubts. We can NOT allow them to block our path to success. This boot camp is designed to banish them. It will give you the ability to take action in anything that involves facing your fears, building a new generation of leaders. 

We work on distraction control: Heart in warriors has to do with the depth of commitment and discipline to focus. We use guided visualization techniques, role play and goal setting to achieve greatness and conquer obstacles. When you breakthrough these fears, you achieve a powerful awakening moment. Knowing you need to change is not enough, it will not guide you to take action. You need to get experience. Once you get experience, you not only know how to do it; but you gain wisdom. You can stop feeling like you aren't good enough with this 2-day boot camp training so you leave with courage, purpose and joy in your life.

Build Confidence

By facing our fears during this 2-day camp, truly amazing things happen. You become more confident and strong minded. This gives your life accountability and integrity.

What People Are Saying

Warriors Who Have Attended Boot Camp

Experience Great Things

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I have been able to experience great things such as white-water rafting and bluff climbing. Things that fear would’ve prevented me from doing before the Modern Warrior Boot Camp.

-  Helen

3 Biggest Enemies


Self-doubt, negative talk, and excuses can be your 3 biggest enemies in your quest to achieve greater things in life. Warrior Boot Camp can help you understand these things to make you more likely to achieve anything you want. Boot Camp is designed to make you confront those 3 “enemies” and to overcome them. It truly can be a groundbreaking and life-changing experience. I highly recommend the program.

-  Bryan

Achieve Much More


After going to the boot camp I realized, what if I had this training earlier in my life. I could have achieved much more. I decided my children should have this training so they can also achieve more in their lives.

-  Chaitanya

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Your Safety

All activities are led by expertly trained guides who will be there for you every step of the way. 

All safety gear is provided.

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Using guided visualization, role play, goal setting and physical challenges to face your fears. As a result of boot camp many people have managed their fears, achieved better focus and achieved goals.


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Without Modern Warrior Boot Camp you will remain stuck in your life and attitudes. Not getting any closer to accomplishing your goals. Let us help you create a successful, fulfilled, confident life.


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Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life. - H. Otto

You will learn how to control your fear so it can no longer control you.


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Once we have the next boot camp scheduled, we will update with the information.

What To Bring

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Fee does not include food. 

Please bring a bag with large towel, 

note pad and pen, water bottle, 

and bandana/hat. 

Also food and snacks for the day.

What To Wear


Wear comfortable work out clothing each day. Athletic shoes or hiking boots with good support. If you have longer hair, some sort of hair tie or band.