What You Don’t Know About Meditation Can Hurt You

Meditation isn’t just for monks and “hippies” anymore, it’s gone mainstream, become “cool” and is practiced by some of the world’s leaders in business.

Did you know that Steve Jobs wasn’t just a tech pioneer, founder of Apple, and inventor of the I-everything? Steve Job was also a pioneer in the art of Zen meditation known as Mindfulness, and was open to sharing his love of the practice with friends and colleagues as early as the 1990s.

Today, the CEOs of LinkedIn, Salesforce, Aetna, and former Columbia Records president Rick Rubin, among others, all practice meditation, and give it credit for their success, as meditation has been linked to lower stress levels, boosts in cognitive functioning, creativity, productivity, and even empathy.

However, just because you aren’t a CEO doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the benefits of Mindful meditation. Mindfulness can help transform your personal and professional life – and you can see results immediately!

While there are many do it yourself guides out their, and even Mindfulness coloring books, it is also most effective to learn how to engage in Mindfulness and Guided Meditation with an expert guide so that you can learn proper techniques and sustain long-term benefits from the practice.

The Power of Positive Thinking

A fascinating New York Times article about the effects of our mindset (positive or negative) on our health and our ability to bounce back.Research has found that chronically having a pessimistic view is harmful to our physical and mental health, and prevents us from bouncing back when we are stressed in the future.

But all hope is not lost, and Dr. Hyong can help! The brain is an incredibly fascinating organ, and it can be retrained – generating new cells and pathways to neutralize past negative emotions and allowing for more positive responses, bringing us out of our negative past, into a more positive present.

Dr. Davidson, neuroscientist and founder for the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin – Madison put it best, when he said, “well-being can be considered a life skill. If you practice, you can actually become better at it.”

If you are Interested in learning developing a more positive outlook and retraining your brain, allowing you to achieve a better, happier life – give Dr. Hyong a call and set up appointment to take the first step on your journey to a more positive future!

Channeling Emotions to Actions

To achieve the SUCCESS or ‘Outer Game’ that you want, you must first perfect your ‘Inner Game’. What this means is that if you’re not achieving the ‘Result’ that you want then you must re-evaluate your Mind, Thoughts, & Emotions. Join us on February 18 to learn more!

Remove the mind virus

The mind works much like a computer. If you have a virus and do not remove it, it will affect everything and the computer will cease functioning properly.

Most of us suppress our negative thoughts and emotions (aka ‘virus’) with medication, therefore the ‘virus’ stays in your subconscious wreaking havoc. Join me in an upcoming Training Program on February 18, 2017 and discover how to minimize and neutralize your ‘virus’ to function properly.