What You Don’t Know About Meditation Can Hurt You

Meditation isn’t just for monks and “hippies” anymore, it’s gone mainstream, become “cool” and is practiced by some of the world’s leaders in business.

Did you know that Steve Jobs wasn’t just a tech pioneer, founder of Apple, and inventor of the I-everything? Steve Job was also a pioneer in the art of Zen meditation known as Mindfulness, and was open to sharing his love of the practice with friends and colleagues as early as the 1990s.

Today, the CEOs of LinkedIn, Salesforce, Aetna, and former Columbia Records president Rick Rubin, among others, all practice meditation, and give it credit for their success, as meditation has been linked to lower stress levels, boosts in cognitive functioning, creativity, productivity, and even empathy.

However, just because you aren’t a CEO doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the benefits of Mindful meditation. Mindfulness can help transform your personal and professional life – and you can see results immediately!

While there are many do it yourself guides out their, and even Mindfulness coloring books, it is also most effective to learn how to engage in Mindfulness and Guided Meditation with an expert guide so that you can learn proper techniques and sustain long-term benefits from the practice.

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