The Power of Positive Thinking

A fascinating New York Times article about the effects of our mindset (positive or negative) on our health and our ability to bounce back.Research has found that chronically having a pessimistic view is harmful to our physical and mental health, and prevents us from bouncing back when we are stressed in the future.

But all hope is not lost, and Dr. Hyong can help! The brain is an incredibly fascinating organ, and it can be retrained – generating new cells and pathways to neutralize past negative emotions and allowing for more positive responses, bringing us out of our negative past, into a more positive present.

Dr. Davidson, neuroscientist and founder for the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin – Madison put it best, when he said, “well-being can be considered a life skill. If you practice, you can actually become better at it.”

If you are Interested in learning developing a more positive outlook and retraining your brain, allowing you to achieve a better, happier life – give Dr. Hyong a call and set up appointment to take the first step on your journey to a more positive future!

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