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What Fear About Going Back to School?

I was attempting to complete the undergraduate degree in Chemistry that I had abandoned 6 previously.

I was filled with fear, uncertainty, and hesitancy…..

My name is Shawnna Knoll, and I’m 31 years old. I decided to begin Martial Arts program when I quit smoking in December 1996. I wanted to give myself a life-promoting gift with the money that I would have been spending on cigarettes. So I thought about martial arts. None of my friends or relatives is active in martial arts and I knew next to nothing about my options. So, I did some research and decided on Tae Kwon DO. Then, I looked in the yellow pages and chose the PS Academy. I was pretty convinced that martial arts would not be appropriate for me given my age and previous joint injuries; however, Sandra happened to answer my phone inquiry and shared with me her age and joint injuries! So, I visited the academy and immediately felt at home and ready for the challenge. That was January 6, 1997.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m still a member of what is now Personal Success Systems. The main reason is the supportive atmosphere to all the members. We as members are encouraged to set our own goals and compete within ourselves to be best that we can be in all of our affairs. We are a big family.

Another reason that I ‘m still a member of PSS is that I had the opportunity to sign a monetary contract with PSS that obligated me for the duration of my goal to receive a black belt. Many times my life is very busy and takes unexpected turns and twists. When that happens, I’m most likely to cut out of my life the very things that are the best for me such as physical fitness or long-range goals. By signing a contract and making that commitment, I show up! And I’m ALWAYS happy that I keep coming.

The biggest change for me that happened as a result of being a part of the academy has been my vision of myself and what I can do with my future. When I started at the academy, I was attempting to complete the undergraduate degree in Chemistry that I had abandoned 6 years previously. I was filled with fear, uncertainty, and hesitancy, and yet I was determined to finish what I had started. Grand Master Hyong suggested that I fill out a goal statement and discuss my obstacles with the academy. So, I did just that. I completed the chart, outlined a plan of action for myself, and did my best to follow through the plan. The results were amazing. I discovered that I have within myself the knowledge, willingness, and the ability to accomplish so many things, but my fear and my negative thinking were paralyzing me. I’m now graduating with honors with a Master of Science degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics in May! My career goal is to get my Ph.D. and teach nutrition at a university while working in some capacity as a Registered Dietitian – is that cool, or what! My goal in Martial arts is to receive a second degree black belt and assist, in some capacity at a dojang (unfortunately, I do not foresee staying in Illinois to assist at our awesome academy).

I would recommend to other people to set goals and dreams, no matter how outrageous or far fetched that they may seem. The only thing that one needs to do reach those goals and dreams is to talk with others that have achieved those goals and then make a decision to do what those people did in order to get there. I have always wanted to take the easy route in life with the least amount of effort, but I have learned that the most rewarding events have come to pass for me as a result of hard work, perseverance, and indomitable spirit (we have Tae Kwon Do tenets for a reason!!).

Thank you, PS Academy, Grand Master Hyong, and the PS staff for changing my attitude and outlook on life.


What Fear About Going Back to School?

I have two boys at Personal Success Systems, Andy who’s 8 and Curtis who’s 6. The reason we had signed Andy up is that he was doing really poorly in school. The teachers kept telling us that they thought he had an attention problem, ADD. We had taken him for educational testing and found out that indeed he had a learning disability.

We had seen an article about P.S.S. detailing exactly what we were looking for. The article talked about increased attention, better focus, and more self-esteem. We went in and signed him up. Within the first month, we saw a difference in him. He was really feeling better about himself.

At about 3 months, we really started noticing even more of an improvement. He was much calmer, as far as getting so upset about certain things. It used to that if he was drawing a picture and he made one “mistake” he’d crumple it up and say “Just forget it!”. Now he will draw something and say “You know I think that’s pretty good!”

WE think he’s trying harder at school; he’s really working at it! He just love coming to P.S.S. He’s motivated by all the rewards. He wants to be an Assistant Leader and he is really close to achieving that.

Our first goal was to build up his self-esteem. That goal has been met.

Our second goal was to build up his attention span. That’s what we hoped to see at school. I got the word that his attention level is way up – from 56% to 89%. This is GREAT! In six months, his participation level is much higher. He raises his hand for the right reasons – wanting to answer questions. He’s much more focused on his own work. None of his worksheets have been lost. Before somehow they would get lost.

He’s done team sports before. When he’s on a team sport, the whole team is pressuring him. The only pressure at P.S.S. is what he puts on himself. Here, he sees his progress every time he takes a test. And like I said, he gets regards for practicing every week. Now I never have to remind him to practice – EVER!

The first couple of weeks it was getting him into the pattern. By the third week he was motivated to practice on his own and work hard. He just can’t wait to move up the next belt. I think he feels a lot of achievement when he comes to P.S.S. which he wasn’t getting at school. We felt it was important that he felt achievement.

Two Years Later…

It has been two years since my son Andy began Tae Kwon Do at P.S.S. In the last two years we have seen tremendous changes in Andy.

Concentration is no longer a problem at school. He works independently and thoroughly on his homework assignments without being told. He is able to organize his time for responsibilities along with his free time.

Has is very confident in his abilities and knows when he needs to work on things more to achieve his goals. He is now a full Leader at P.S.S. and very close to achieving his Black Belt. Achievement is now something he consistently strives for.

Better grades, more responsibilities at home, the next belt level, practicing hard for his hockey team, and earning his own money are some of the things he works very hard at.

I think P.S.S.’s philosophy has helped Andy to set these goals and build the values that hard work and believing in yourself will produce great results and pride in your achievements.


Shari Lambert

Naperville, IL


Updates From the Personal Success Coaching Staff:


Don’t let Mrs. Lambert’s modesty fool you. She was once told by a school psychologist that Andy would never achieve better than C’s in school, not to push him, just accept it and put him on medication.

She refused.

She and her husband supported the program both at home and in the Academy. She knew all of the belt requirements for the first 4 belts just from working with them. She practiced them with Andy at home to help him. A few months ago she became a member herself and now Andy teaches her and helps her practice.

The key is she followed the guidelines diligently set by Dr. Hyong. Andy is now receiving B’s and above and is even in more advanced classes than he was before. He recently took the IGAP test and in certain subjects scored above his classmates and well above state average!

She recently told P.S.S. “I would love to go back and show that school psychologist Andy’s scores!”

Andy is on a hockey team and often comments to his parents about his physical prowess on the ice due to Tae Kwon Do. He is one of youngest senior leaders at the Academy.

Way to go Mr. and Mrs. Lambert. Your support and encouragement and follow through did wonders for you son.


February 17, 2005

Andy Lambert is now a student at DePaul University, has his own band, and works a part-time job.

After receiving straight A’s with one B he graduated and set his sights on higher learning. He was a team captain for his hockey team and in fact he played so well he bumped up to his next level of league.

He is so driven and motivated by an inner desire that he developed 10 years ago.

We can hardly remember him any other way.

What Focus/Attention Problem?

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