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What is Coaching?

 Life coaching is essentially talking with a wise and observant friend. Someone who is a champion for you and your goals. This can turn your life around. The coach, Dr. Hyong, empowers you by first discovering what has caused you to become stuck in your life. He works with you to develop a road map to follow so you can successfully achieve your goals

What Are The Benefits?

While following the map to success that Dr. Hyong will develop for you, you discover who you really are and what you want in your life. You will become more positive, healthier, and more energetic. The life coaching sessions are all about personal development and empowerment. Dr. Hyong is a great listener and has helped many other people just like you. 

What Is The Process?

It all starts with one meeting. At the first discovery session, Dr. Hyong will find out what issue you are dealing with and come up with your map for progress. Then, together you work towards your personal goals. Even after only one session, you will feel less stress and more relaxed and confident. All it takes is one phone call to start.

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Personal Success Coaching

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Some of the areas I can help...

• Getting Unstuck              • Leadership                • Eliminate Fears

                       • Anxiety                        • Creativity               • Finding Your Purpose               

• Stress Reduction             • Career Decisions           • Personal Growth

     • Psychotherapy                  • Hypnosis                 • Negative Self-Talk  


"I can fix your problems, GUARANTEED with my coaching!"

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Personal Success Client Scott Garwood


“Dr. Hyong transformed my life...with his personal coaching, I recovered from bankruptcy and became financially independent in 7-years, lost 95 lbs., and quit smoking in 3 months.” 

-Scott Garwood (Naperville)

Personal Success life coaching Client Joe Ryan


“In 45 days, I’ve earned $90,000 in commission. I was struggling to make cold calls, but after coming to Dr. Hyong for coaching I eliminated that fear for good.” 

- Joe Ryan

What Others are saying

"We are all born to win, but just trying hard is not enough. 

Willpower is not enough.

The only sure way to get it right the first time is you must understand principles." 

Renowned hypnotherapist, psychologist and Tae Kwon Do Grand Master

Dr. Hyong, Life Coach

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Life Coach Dr. Nam Hyong

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